Welcome at the stable!

Riant Equestrian Centre is situated between forests and heaths.
Style, comfort and class are the base of the welcoming surroundings for man and horse.

Riant offers much service and everything that may be expected in the field of equestrian sports:

  • international driving competitions;
  • individual driving training at high level;
  • purchasing and selling of horses;
  • livery stable with fantastic riding tracks;
  • meeting facilities and a restaurant with attractive menu’s.

Horses for sale

Latest News

  • SelectSalesDays

Clinics and shows at Paard & Koets

Every day, Mieke end Claudio will present you interesting clinics and great shows in the […]

  • SelectSalesDays

Riant Select Sale 2015

Mieke van Tergouw and Team Riant have succeeded to offer an elite selection of driving horses for the Riant Select Sale 2015.

  • Paard end Koets 2015

Riant Select Sale during Paard & Koets

Strong offer Riant Driving horses
The presentation of the Riant Select Sale horses on Friday […]

In short, an accommodation with infinitely many possibilities, therefore we like to meet you soon at Riant Equestrian Centre!