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June 2018

Ton Vreugdenhil wins in Hellendoorn

2018-06-11T20:13:22+00:00 News|

Ton Vreugdenhil traveled this weekend to Hellendoorn to compete in the Z-class with Iwan and Ivanhoe. After dressage and cones on Saturday Ton was in the lead. In the marathon (Sunday) he used the Lipizzaner Conversano XXIV, a.k.a. Conti. And our Antonio Rigamonti was his groom. Ton was farout the fastest in het marathon and won.  And

Team Riant in Saumur

2018-06-07T19:16:06+00:00 News|

Team Riant is in France, to be exact in Saumur. The place where the famous Cadre Noir has its home. There now is the prestigious CAIO, a contest in a special environment and with a heavy marathon. Mieke van Tergouw is there to train Chester Weber and Claudio Fumagalli helps pair drivers Athanasios Hatzopoulos (Greece) and

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April 2018

Horse Driving Kronenberg: happy with the horses

2018-04-23T09:01:27+00:00 News|

Heodoor en Hertog from Sandor van Vliet did well in Kronenberg. Claudio won the dressage and scored 43,36 with them . ‘But there are still things to improve’, he said. In the difficult cones competition they had one knockdown and 3,67 time penalties. Today was the marathon with seven technical obstacles. The horses did