This time we are offering you a delicate argument to speak of: Hoof care.

You’ve probably heard the saying “no hooves, no horse”, legs and hoves are one of the most important and delicate parts of horses. The more you take care of them the more you can be sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Let’s have a look at what to keep in mind, and what to avoid when it’s about the shoes of your four-legged friend.

  • Pick out your horse’s feet is a basic but a really important everyday task to do.  In this way, you can check every day the status of the hooves and get a chance to take an early action on many common health issues.
  • Schedule regular farrier visits according to your horse’s individual needs.
  • Learn how to remove a sprung or shifted shoe. With this, you may save your horse unnecessary pain and hoof damage.
  • Nutrition has a great impact on health in general and also on the hooves. For information and advice which supplements you should add to your horse’s meal, feel free to contact your farrier and/or vet.
  • Take care of the growing area as prevention. During transport, this area can be easily damaged so do not forget to use the transport boots.
  • Try to keep moisture changes to a minimum, as going from wet to dry and wet again, promotes cracking, chipping, and peeling of the hooves.

For sure, you all know this information but you can never speak too much of it and stress out the importance of this topic!
Do you have any further useful advice? Feel free to share it with us, and write a comment.