The upcoming days will be sun-drenched and hot with regional tropical temperatures of 30 degrees or more. Friday will be the hottest day with 33 degrees. Later the risk of thunderstorms will increase and on the weekend it seems to get a little less hot.

Hot weather can increase stress and can be dangerous for horses. Follow these management tips to keep horses as comfortable as possible during periods of high temperatures.

  • Choose cooler turnout times, provide turnout during the cooler hours if possible.
  • Provide artificial shade in the paddock in case you don’t have trees.
  • Stick to his normal schedule as much as possible.
  • Slow down the rhythm of the work. If you have to work your horse, lighten the work or spread it out over a couple of shorter sessions.
  • Provide always fresh, cool water, and an electrolyte source.
  • Move the air. Fans are a great way to help keep the air moving in the stable.