Picture: Martin Holle (Melykut, Hun – 2019) Photo credit: Krisztina Horvath

COVID-19 pandemic has put a pause on our lives in general, from which competition season was not an exception.

We are glad that from 13 to 16th August the first International Competition will take place at the Exloo Equestrian Centre. We can say hello to each other after a long time and have a coffee with friends of the driving sport. Of course, always keeping in mind the Covid-19 guidelines!

If you would like to participate and follow the competition on the ground of Hippisch Centrum Exloo do not forget to book your ticket. For the safety of us all, the number of visitors will be limited.

Competitors are coming from several different countries, among which you can cheer for the reining champion Martin Holle (🇭🇺), who is training by Riant Equestrian Centre.