FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs Lipica and the RIANT Equestrian Centre’s horses

Maybe you didn’t know that at the FEI World Driving Championships for Pairs Lipica, there were 20 horses owned, trained and sold from Riant Equestrian Centre:


  • Sandmann Anna with LIBERATOR

  • Hölle Martin with DIOR and EPPIE

  • Aletti Montano Francesco with FIFA HOLLANDIA

  • Bartha Eduard with BENTO

  • Rössler Gerald with ANTON and BOLINO

  • Cordera Rocco with ZABERNO and ZANKO

  • Ter Harmsel Antonie with ZARDONIS

  • Sellier Michael with CADANS

  • Warneck Sebastian with BALOS and BEAT ME OKYDO

  • Lázár Zoltán with DJ

  • Von Buchholtz Amely with ALANDRO and WIJSNEUS

  • Christensen Bjarne Thor with BARTES, BUGATTI and DAIMLER

  • Dibak Jozsef with ELDORUS