Heodoor en Hertog from Sandor van Vliet did well in Kronenberg. Claudio won the dressage and scored 43,36 with them . ‘But there are still things to improve’, he said. In the difficult cones competition they had one knockdown and 3,67 time penalties. Today was the marathon with seven technical obstacles. The horses did well but we had bad luck with the material. The quick-release on the tee of the pole went broke and couldn’t be repaired. So Claudio withdrawed after obstacle 4.

Despite the disappointment he was very pleased with the horses.

Sandor van Vliet did very well with Hapkido Utopia en Heraldo (photo). It was the first competition at this level for the horses and the driver. He was very pleased with the horses and the result: 20th overall.

We congratualate our gardener Geert Dijkhof : he won the marathon and became fourth overall.


(Photo: Krisztina Horváth)