Iwan & Ivanhoe learned a lot today. For the first time this talented pair was driven by Claudio in an official competition in Kootwijkerbroek.

During the dressage test the horses were very relaxed. Due to the training on the showground the day before. The score in the dressage was 40,59.

In the cones course three balls went down and they got time penalties. But as a matter of fact that was also because Claudio had a little problem finding the right direction to the next obstacle and drove an extra circle.

Today was the marathon and the horses learned a lot. After a small hesitation they easily took both water obstacles and went smoothly. All the other obstacles went nice, quick an and smooth.

Herewith we created a very good base for the sportscareer of this young pair.

Ton Vreugdenhil will drive the horses himself in Haaksbergen in may.