The World Championship for the four-in-hands in Tryon (USA) is won by team USA. In the individual ranking Chester Weber won the silver medal. Chester began the World Cup with a beautiful dressage test which was rewarded with 35.10 penalty points. Thus he stood less than four penalty points behind defending worldchampion Boyd Exell. The US team (Chester Weber, Misdee Wrigley Miller and James Fairclough) went from day one in the lead.

The marathon was very tough, but Chesters horses remained fit until the last obstacle. He was fifth in the marathon and retained his second place.

The cones course was extremely difficult; it had many turns and combinations. To get the gold medal for America and to keep individual silver Chester was allowed to have no more than two knockdowns. raveling down. He did better than that: no balls fell, only 2.77 penalty points for exceeding the time. Exell also made no errors and had only time penalties. A silver medal for Chester Weber and historical gold for team USA, because never before America won the gold medal in the four-in hands.

Team Riant congratulates the US team and Chester Weber in particular!