Team Riant is in France, to be exact in Saumur. The place where the famous Cadre Noir has its home. There now is the prestigious CAIO, a contest in a special environment and with a heavy marathon.

Mieke van Tergouw is there to train Chester Weber and Claudio Fumagalli helps pair drivers Athanasios Hatzopoulos (Greece) and Stan van Eijk.

The vetcheck yesterday went smoothly. Today was the dressage for the pairs with a second place in the CAI 2* for Athanasios Hatzopoulos (64.66 penalty points) In the CAI3* Stan van Eijk became fourth with a score of 54.80.

Tomorrow the teams and singles will have their dressage performance. We wish everyone the best of luck!

(photos by Marie de Ronde)

Stan van Eijk in his dressage test

Athanasios Hatzopoulos in the dressage arena